Content Creation & Publishing

You will receive a custom and unique monthly social calendar for your brand’s social media channels. We will publish the posts at times when your audience are most likely going to see and engage with them.

Active Adaptation

We will adapt our posting habits to any changing factor that arises. We can be very conservative with a minimum of ten posts per month or we can be more aggressive and increase that number to a maximum of 28. Typically, around 12 to16 posts are posted every month on social channels to provide equilibrium and prevent post cannibalization. Active adaptation helps us know what your fans or followers want to see, and allows us to give them exactly that.

Post Design

You will receive custom designs that highlight your brand’s strengths and enhances the messages we want to engrave inside the minds of your clients. Our designs will be fresh and continuously adapt with what the page needs. We will construct a theme at the beginning of the first month, to create design boundaries, that should be approved by you.

Community Management

Every day we will monitor your social media channels and respond to any comments, questions etc. that are posted. We will make sure that your fans and followers are taken care of and responded to in a timely manner. We also monitor for any sort of brand mentions done on social media and respond accordingly.

Strategy Formulation & Implementation

We will craft a unique and tailored strategy to accurately target prospects and ultimately increase exposure and sales. Our strategy will focus on highlighting your strengths and playing on your core competencies.

Insights & Reporting

Every month you will receive a summary report with relevant figures regarding the past month’s performance. We will also include our general plans for the coming month.

Social Media Ads

In every ad campaign, we will target people that are most likely to engage with the post and result in a real physical sale. We will come up with unique campaigns that set you apart and create a professional and reliable image for your brand.


We will create amazing and realistic shots that your current and future clients will appreciate. We will edit the chosen pictures and make sure that they are ready to be posted for the public to see. Pictures generally focus on highlighting all your positive attributes.