Internal & External Analysis

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your company to see how everything works and to spot your key strengths and weaknesses. We will then analyze the external environment and see how you fit into it.

Force Analysis

We will analyze all forces that are connected to your business in one way or another. This step is crucial and allows us to fill any gaps left by the internal and external analysis.

Market Analysis

We purely analyze the market and transform our results to see how the current market situation affects your business plans. We try to create a glimpse into the future by using predictive methods based on previous and current situations.

Competitor Analysis

We analyze all your competitors to make out their key strengths. We then look at the best way you can compete and beat your competition.

Target Market

After conducting our above analysis, we coin out your optimal target market to make sure that you allocate most resources towards the people that are most likely to become clients.


We create and send out digital and printed surveys to collect the first level of information from people likely to interact with your brand. We carefully create the survey in a way as to not reveal anything about your brand while still getting all the information necessary for our study.

Data Collection & Interpretation

We use all the data collected from each of the above and use that to create the final report and lay out the information in a meaningful way.

Advisory Service

We finally come up with our own take on the subject and present you with our detailed advice and the reasoning behind it.